An afternoon of everything

22 March 2021

An afternoon of everything

The year is motoring along. Even though it only feels like a few weeks ago we said ‘Happy New Year!’ the first quarter is practically gone. I head to the Albany Mega Centre in a reflective mood, determined to enjoy the last days of summer, but with one eye looking forward to Easter and autumn ahead. Fortunately Albany Mega has something for every season and every mood, making it the perfect place to spend an afternoon shopping.

I’m here with my friend and neighbour Trisha, not looking for anything in particular. Wandering around and just looking is a great way to pass time and hang out with friends. Sometimes coming here without a clear purpose can be dangerous, ending in some major unplanned spending. I’m determined to be good but at the same time I know if I see things I like, I’ll buy them.

We start at the top of the Centre, at Farmers Home. Farmers is a brand that I grew up with and have always admired. They have that perfect balance of variety, quality and affordability. The Home store carries those same attributes but with an exclusive focus on homewares, furniture and appliances. Trish and I spend over an hour in store looking at pots, dinner sets, armchairs, sheets, cushions, Soda Stream machines and a whole lot more. Between us, Trish and I walk away with six new items for our homes. At the same time, I found a nice coffee set which I’ll give mum for her birthday next month.

Briscoes, EziBuy and Bed Bath and Beyond follow. Each offers a huge variety of things to look at. There’s a good mix of summer stock, always-in stock classics and essentials and ‘just arrived’ new autumn/winter stock. Trish and I both find things we like and they become a catalyst to share ideas and experiences. Each of us buys a couple more items, either for home, one of our family members or for ourselves.

It’s been nearly two hours and we’re still at the top of the Mega Centre. We choose to skip the sporty and outdoor adventures stores. We usually spend a lot of time in these shops when we are here with the kids. We instead go to Noel Leeming and Warehouse Stationery but don’t spend much time there as we’re both hanging out for coffee. We pop into Hollywood Bakery and after a turmeric latte and a cheese scone, Trish and I both feel re-energised enough to resume where we left off.

First stop Adairs. I love this store and much of our home decor is from here. There is a lot on sale and a real focus on ‘neutral colours’ which is the palette our house is decorated in. I immediately know my plan to restrict spending is in trouble. And Trish is no help, encouraging me to buy everything I show even the slightest interest in. After 45 minutes, I walk out of Adairs with new cotton sheets, a new bed spread, new cushions, a throw, a vase, a photo frame and two new ornaments for the sideboard. I suppose it could have been worse!

As we start heading home, I remember that we are off to Tauranga for Easter to stay with my other good friend, Mary. I’d like to buy her a gift for letting us stay so we pop into Pricewise. They have that great 'TEA +' range of herbal teas so I buy a selection of the ones I think Mary will like. This also reminds me to get the Easter eggs so we make one final stop at The Warehouse, before leaving with a huge basket of chocolate eggs of varying sizes, shapes and flavours.

Trish and I had an excellent afternoon at the Albany Mega Centre. Along with some good laughs, I bought some great items for all aspect of my life: for home, for me, for the family, for Easter, for the holidays, for gifts and for so much more. I always knew Albany Mega Centre had everything I needed in one place and today just proves it. Everything you need all in the one place.

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