Menswear to impress

24 August 2021

Menswear to impress

Last weekend I had a bit of a new clothes shopping spree at the Albany Mega Centre to make a good impression on my new workmates and girlfriend. A few days later, we find ourselves back in lockdown. So here I am, all dressed up with nowhere to go. What’s the point of new menswear if no one can see it?

It’s been a messy year with both my relationship and my job coming through the last lockdown worse for wear. After leaving both, there was a period of soul searching and feeling down on myself for being nearly 40, single and unemployed.

Of late, things have turned for the better. I started a new job and it’s a step up with lots of new opportunities to learn, grow and make a difference. I’ve enjoyed the first few weeks and they’ve helped restore my confidence. I’m keen to make friends and to fit in with the team who are all a little younger than me.

At the same time I’ve met someone new. It’s only been a month but I’m really enjoying Laura’s company and the excitement that goes with a new relationship. I’m off to a gig with Laura and some of her friends next weekend. It’s the first time I’ll be meeting them so I’m keen to make a good impression.

Last weekend I decided I needed new clothes to help make that good impression so despite my general dislike of shopping for clothes, I went to the Albany Mega Centre to find some new work and going out gear.

I started at North Beach. I’d been here before and really like their range of quality brands. First is a new pair of jeans which I can wear both to work and to a gig. They’ve got a huge selection and I go for a pair of Levis relaxed fit jeans in a dark blue. I also bought a second pair of denim from the Dickie range and a cool pair of New Balance shoes that could be worn to work or on a date. I spend a bit of time in the shirt section and, after much deliberation, I select a Rip Curl shirt in a gunmetal grey colour. I finished my shopping at North Beach on a high with a fantastic Stussy Corduroy jacket.

Just a few stores down I found myself at EziBuy trying on a really nice flannel shirt in a blue check. I bought this along with a nice white polo shirt and a grey and black hoodie. I was really impressed by the options they had and their prices were excellent.

Quick stop into Rebel Sport, for a new pair of Adidas track pants and a Champion t-shirt, before continuing down to Hallenstein Brothers. They had a huge sale which made their already good value items seem even more attractive. I saw they also offered After Pay, giving me the option to pay things off over time. I found a really nice linen-blend suit in white which isn’t something I wouldn’t normally buy but I was keen to be a bit more adventurous and make a statement. I paired it with a new tan linen shirt and some tan loafers. Hallensteins also had a great sale on duffle coat style winter coats and I picked up the grey option to go with some of the items I bought earlier in the day.

I can’t remember the last time I purchased so much on a shopping spree. I actually enjoyed the experience and was blown away by the huge selection of menswear at the Albany Mega Centre. I felt pleased with myself and am excited to show off my new look at work and to my new girlfriend.

But here I am, less than 72 hours later, and thanks to the Delta COVID strain, back in lockdown alone. I’m talking to my colleagues, and to Laura, on Zoom, wearing my ‘knocking about home’ t-shirts, shorts and trackies. I had such high hopes for my new outfits and the impression I would make. I tell Laura and she laughs saying that I should impress everyone with my wit and charm rather than some fancy outfits. I laugh nervously deciding at that point to wear my new outfits on my next Zoom calls.

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