Dressed for winter sports

28 July 2022

Dressed for winter sports

It was the third Saturday in a row of standing in the rain watching her daughter’s netball that drove Petra to realise they needed warmer winter clothes. Her shivering son, standing next to her, couldn’t agree more. Even her sports-mad husband didn’t put up a fight. And just like that, the Sefusi family were off to Albany Mega Centre for a winter sports clothing spree.

Petra shrugged as another gust of bone-chilling wind came in under her umbrella. Her daughter’s netball game was going well but she couldn’t help but wish she was somewhere else - like at home, by the fire. I’m not sure what I’m complaining about, she thought to herself, those poor girls are in t-shirts and small skirts. She didn’t like being wet and cold but she knew being there and supporting Jessie, was important.

The rain was still crashing violently on her umbrella when the final whistle blew. A rain-soaked and windswept collection of family members piled into the car and Petra drove them straight to Albany Mega Centre. First stop, Easy Life for a hot drink and a scone. Slowly, everyone warmed up and the conversation about the game and how well the team did, became somewhat heated.

With that, Petra left the kids with their dad and went to The Warehouse. She found a great pair of leggings, a long-sleeve thermal top and a pack of woollen socks. She bought extras of everything, knowing full well that half of this haul would end up in her teenage daughter’s room. Moving over to menswear, Petra found thermal ‘long johns’ and woolly socks for the boys as well. Her son, Reese, was still too small to wear dad’s clothes but give it a few years and he no doubt will.

With the under-layer sorted, the next step was warm outerwear. Returning to Easy Life to collect the family, Petra found they were nowhere to be seen. She messaged her husband, only to find that he’d gone to Golf Warehouse and was trying on a new golf jersey. “Where are the kids?” Petra asked. “Aren’t they with you?” he replied. Petra messaged Jessie only to discover they were just twenty or so metres away at Macpac.

Just inside the door of the Macpac store stood a sale display with a fantastic collection of padded rain jackets. Petra felt warm just looking at them. Petra, Jessie and Reese all tried on a few and admired them in the mirror. Petra settled on a heavy-duty green jacket. If that doesn’t keep the bitter cold out at netball, nothing will, she thinks to herself. Reese decided on a light sleeveless jacket, despite Petra telling him that it probably won’t keep him warm and dry at netball. Jessie couldn’t decide and left empty-handed.

Dad met the rest of the family at Rebel Sport, one of his favourite stores. A family-load of fleecy sweatshirts, trackpants and beanies later and the Sefusis walked away from Rebel Sport fully satisfied with a good day’s shopping. As if it knew they were now prepared, the weather had turned and it had become a sunny winter’s afternoon. So typical Petra declared to herself.

The following Saturday, the family are all standing at the side of the netball court once again, cheering on Jessie and her team. The cold and wet weather gods are fighting hard to get in under Petra’s clothes but they are no match for her new winter-weather beating clothes from Albany Mega Centre. Petra smiles and cheers loudly for her daughter’s team or is it for her own victory over the elements?

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