Family winter sports bonding

27 June 2024

Family winter sports bonding

I’ve never been a very sporty person but when I married Harry, I quickly realised how sports-crazy he and his boys were. I wasn’t prepared for those winter sports days but learned to quickly adapt, thanks to all the warm sports gear at Albany Mega Centre. I’d even go as far as saying I’ve grown to love my sporting days with my new family.

Growing up in an Asian family, sport wasn’t a big part of my life. We were more about music, study and family events. We didn’t watch sport on television and there was never a possibility that my parents would take us to a game. I did play netball once at school, but I was no good at it and quickly decided I hated it.

Harry and I met through a mutual friend and had a connection almost instantly. On paper, we had very little in common, but I grew very fond of his gentle nature and the open way he shared his feelings. We had both been recently separated and in need of a new sense of belonging.

From the start there was clearly a cultural clash, in more ways than one. This became more evident when I moved into his place in Dairy Flat. Harry was sports-mad and could spend a whole weekend in front of the TV watching cricket, rugby, league, soccer, golf and anything else that was on. This was compounded on the weekends when we had his two teenage boys staying with us. For 48 hours sports watching was only interrupted by going to the boys' games, going to a rugby game, playing footy or basketball in the back garden or playing darts in the garage.

Initially, I found this difficult, feeling like I didn’t fit in. Rather than worrying about it, I decided that this was a new start and an opportunity to bond with Harry and the boys, and maybe to enjoy new hobbies and interests.

Harry was patient as we watched games together, explaining the rules and telling me interesting details about the teams and the players. The more I knew the more interested I became. That was until a few weeks back when I had the live sport experience.

It started in the morning, when we went to his younger son’s soccer match. Standing side-line the wind was bitterly cold, making my fingers numb. Even though I had a woollen jersey on, I could feel it in my bones. Surviving the first game, we headed off to his older boy’s rugby game. Already struggling to get warm, the driving wind and horizontal rain added to that miserable feeling. I wanted to cheer on the boys but found it hard to concentrate on anything other than how horrible it was standing out there.

I think Harry realised that I didn’t enjoy going to the games so the next day he took me down to Rebel Sport at the Albany Mega Centre. I bought a padded raincoat, which looks like it’s designed for an Arctic adventure, so it should withstand the natural forces bearing down on under-12s rugby. I also bought a pair of thermal tights and a thermal top.

From there I took Harry down to The Warehouse, where I bought gloves, socks and woollen hats for both of us.

For the next few weeks, Saturday sports were a lot more bearable, and even enjoyable on those days when the sun was out. The next step in my sporting transformation was going to a stadium rugby game. My new Albany Mega Centre purchases were an absolute godsend at the Blues game. It was cold outside, but I felt snug, wrapped up in my new sports gear. I found myself caught up in the game fever and the roar of the large crowd, leaving exhilarated that our team had won.

Harry decided I was now ready to actually play sport. I chose to start with golf, thinking it was probably the right pace for me. Besides, Asian women seem to dominate this sport so maybe I’d be a natural at it. Harry gave me his old clubs and took me down to Golf Warehouse for balls, tees and gloves. While I was there, we signed up for some lessons. Last weekend, Harry and the boys took me out for my first game. They were good at it, and very competitive. I wasn’t that good, but despite that, I enjoyed being able to participate.

I never knew that I’d enjoy sport but I’ve realised that it’s a great way to bond with my new family. Thanks to Rebel Sport, The Warehouse and Golf Warehouse, down at Albany Mega Centre, I’m able to enjoy my winter sports in comfort. I’ll be watching and playing again next weekend.

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