Winter comfort and style

25 May 2021

Winter comfort and style

Winter’s come around so quickly. It only seems like a few weeks ago we were going for walks in the evening and having dinner outside.  Over the last week the temperature has really dropped and the trees have changed colour. It’s a sure sign that it’s time for me to go winter clothes shopping. Outfits to keep me warm and stylish. As always, I start with the great range of ladies fashions at Albany Mega Centre.

I ring my friend Maggie and ask her to come shopping with me. We’ve known each other for a long time and she’s someone I trust to tell me the truth about how something looks on me. She’s honest and straight-talking but sometimes just a little too much. Last year, I walked out of the dressing room wearing a pair of tight jeans and high-heels. She accused me of looking like one of the Desperate Housewives, much to the shop assistants amusement and my embarrassment. The year before she asked another shopper nearby if she thought I looked like ‘mutton dressed as lamb'. It’s a horrible expression that I’d usually be offended by, but from Maggie it’s what you expect. I just laughed.

So with lots of excitement, and a little bit of nervousness on my part, we park the car and start at Cotton On. This is one of my favourite stores. The quality is top notch, but the prices are reasonable. I tend to start here most years as it lets me buy a number of the everyday essentials that become the backbone of my winter wardrobe.

Maggie sees the sign for ‘Mum Jeans’ and shouts to me across the store. Despite the embarrassment, she’s right about these jeans. I try them on and they are a really nice fit. While I’m in the changing room, Maggie’s been collecting things for me to try on. A number of jerseys in a variety of colours from salmon pink through to charcoal grey. Two different styles of cardigan and a few nice tops that I could wear to work or for going out. I choose a jersey, a cardigan and a dressy top from the many I tried on.

I finish up looking at the Cotton On crew tees. Every year I end up buying a number of these. They go over or under anything and that means they can be worn around the house, to work, to the movies or as part of a night of dressing up.

While I’m paying, Maggie has already moved to the next store, EziBuy. It’s another one of those stores that have the balance between quality and price just right. Maggie’s a comfort dresser and has quickly found herself a few fleecy zip-up tops and some sweat pants to try on. I’m tempted to go and give her some grief about yet more baggy sweats but think better of it. I head off to look at undergarments. On the way, I find a pair of fleecy pyjamas which I really like. They’ll be great for slouching around and for keeping me warm at night. Maggie will no doubt laugh at me but I don’t care.

We both pay for our purchases and walk to North Beach a few shops down. This is a very modern and youthful store, with lots of cool clothes. It’s more ‘street’ than ‘old-lady’ so a woman my age needs to be very careful here, especially if I don’t want Maggie to publicly call me names! I’m looking for a warm coat and they have a nice selection of serious looking mid-length options. I’m about to choose one when I see a long tan corduroy jacket with a sheep skin collar. It’s got a retro vibe that reminds of something I wore back in the day. I’m trying it on when Maggie comes over. I’m expecting some smart remark about trying to look like I’m 20 again but no, Maggie likes it too. That settles it, I’m buying something cool rather than something sensible.

It’s been another good day of shopping at Albany Mega Centre. I’m all set for winter with a selection of garments for all occasions. More importantly, I’m all geared to face the weather whatever it brings. Maggie and I head home for a well-earned wine by the fire.

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