Winter home, work & play

25 May 2020

Winter home, work & play

We went into lockdown and it still felt like summer but clearly, as we emerge back into the world, the seasons have changed. It feels like we skipped autumn and have gone straight into winter. Thanks to Albany Mega Centre I can quickly pick up all the winter warmers I need for home, work and play.

I was back at work last week and, leaving my apartment for the first time in a while, I quickly realised that the seasons had changed. It feels like autumn bypassed us, or is it just that we didn’t go out to experience it? Last week felt cold and miserable and I struggled to acclimatise; even coming home to my apartment in Northcross each night, it didn’t feel as warm and cosy as it had the previous eight weeks. I decided that this weekend I’d stock up on those winter essentials.

First up were clothes for work. There’s a number of great stores to look at including North Beach, EziBuy, Kathmandu and Macpac but I start at Cotton On. With social distancing protocols in place I find it easy to move around and to have a really good look at the latest fashions. I haven’t been here for over two months so everything is new and interesting. I’ve always loved the Cotton On brand. It represents great quality and good value. Over an hour later I walk out with three long-sleeved tops of various colours and knits, two pairs of pants, a coat and a pair of boots.

I decide to skip the other stores today and come back next weekend to look for skirts and dresses for going out at the weekend. I head to Briscoes instead, on the hunt for a new electric blanket. I tried the old one on the bed during the week and found it worked for a while and then stopped and started. I don’t want to take any risks and opted to throw it out and get a new one. Briscoes has a full range of options and, after talking to the very friendly shop assistant, I went for the Sunbeam brand. I chose one with an inbuilt timer that automatically turns on half an hour before I go to bed and turns off after I’m asleep. I’m feeling warmer just thinking about it.

I move further up to Farmers Home in search of a cosy throw. I find that I sometimes I wake in the night and need an extra blanket or something to stay warm. Besides it’s the sort of thing I can wrap around me on the couch while watching TV. I stop off at Noel Leeming and pick up a slim-line convention heater. I’d seen it online and had planned to order it but it's easier just picking it up while I’m here.

The first week back at work felt weird, yet strangely normal. Within a few days it felt like we we’d never been away. Next week I’ll head back to the gym before work so the next stop is Rebel Sport for a pair of leggings and a couple of outer tops. The mornings are cold and dark and I’m not looking forward to that cold dash to and from the car in the morning. When I think of Rebel, I always think about their great range of sporting equipment but had forgotten about the huge variety of leading sports brands they always stock. I grab an Adidas sweatshirt and a Puma zip-up hoody. Both are warm and very stylish.

I set off for home feeling like I’ve gone from being unprepared to being totally ready for winter all in one afternoon. That’s work, home and the gym sorted, with a few clothes for play lined up to be grabbed next weekend. After a two month break from visiting, I’d almost forgotten that pretty much everything you need is at the one place, at the Albany Mega Centre. It only took a few hours of great shopping to remind me.

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