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Everything for everyone this Xmas

Did I tell you how much I hate shopping? This year for Christmas I decided to shop online to avoid the crowds. But after a couple of weekends of aimless web surfing, I found myself…

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Big ticket event day savings!

I must say these big sales event days are growing on me. This year, with a bit of extra cash in the pocket, I’m planning a big spend at the Albany Mega Centre Black Friday and Cybe…

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A new attitude, a fresh start

What a tough year it’s been with one bad thing happening after another. This beautifully sunny Labour Weekend I decided enough is enough, it was time to look forward and make a fre…

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Home spring home

Every year our family takes the idea of spring cleaning very seriously. The change of season is the catalyst for a weekend of cleaning and new home decor. Lockdown at home meant th…

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A Special Father’s Day

My husband’s father passed away recently so I know that Father’s Day will be extra bittersweet for him this year. I’ll take the kids down to Albany Mega Centre to find all the thin…

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Winter escape essentials

Most years around this time we take a family mid-winter holiday somewhere warm and sunny. It’s usually Fiji, Samoa, Rarotonga or Vanuatu. With the current travel restrictions the p…

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