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Discover all things NEW....

Shop This is New at Adairs: Linen Lovers save up to 30% off*. Linen Lovers save 30% on Vintage Washed Linen - new colourways in our best-selling fabric. Linen Lovers save 25% on fu…

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Family winter sports bonding

I’ve never been a very sporty person but when I married Harry, I quickly realised how sports-crazy he and his boys were. I wasn’t prepared for those winter sports days but learned …

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That winter wardrobe feel

I’m not much of a clothes shopper; I generally wear black, and I only get out of my jeans and sweatshirts if I really have to. The change in seasonal fashions isn’t something that …

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It's on sale - save up to 40%!

From your wishlist to your door – now is the time to shop​. Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary - comfort meets affordability! Savings so good, you'll want to hit snooze! Dive …

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Making our first house home

Buying a new home has many highs and lows. Before we knew it, we were in but feeling severely underwhelmed by how our old, mismatched décor was looking in our new home. A few trips…

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Kitchen, bathroom, laundry and beyond

I love having my own home. It’s not only a place that I can call my own, but a space to express my personality. After living in my new home for six months, it was time to decorate …

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