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An afternoon of everything

The year is motoring along. Even though it only feels like a few weeks ago we said ‘Happy New Year!’ the first quarter is practically gone. I head to the Albany Mega Centre in a re…

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Mega for mum & baby

Having a baby suddenly become a whole lot more real for Monica. Thanks to the variety at the Albany Mega Centre, Monica and her husband David, were able to get everything they need…

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Easy back to school

Is it me or have these school holidays been especially long? Maybe it’s because the kids were at home during the year but it feels like back to school just can’t come quickly enoug…

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Everything for everyone this Xmas

Did I tell you how much I hate shopping? This year for Christmas I decided to shop online to avoid the crowds. But after a couple of weekends of aimless web surfing, I found myself…

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Big ticket event day savings!

I must say these big sales event days are growing on me. This year, with a bit of extra cash in the pocket, I’m planning a big spend at the Albany Mega Centre Black Friday and Cybe…

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A new attitude, a fresh start

What a tough year it’s been with one bad thing happening after another. This beautifully sunny Labour Weekend I decided enough is enough, it was time to look forward and make a fre…

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